Bladerunner Micro Girls Figure Ice Skates

Bladerunner  Micro Girls Figure Ice Skates

The Bladerunner Micro Girl's Figure Ice Skates are cute, comfortable and will keep your little girl on her feet safely as she progresses in her skating. These quality skates are perfect for first-timers, coming with an ultra-comfy padded velvet liner and articulated upper for an easy fit. The cuff buckle closure system also utilizes a 45-degree power strap and laces for total security and stability while on the ice. Don't worry about growing feet either; a push-button adjustment allows you expand the skate four sizes bigger when that growth spurt hits. The Bladerunner Micro Girl's Figure Ice Skates will give your daughter the confidence she needs to improve her skills and cultivate her love for the sport. Push-Button Adjustment Mechanism - Micro Adjustable up to 4 Sizes, Padded Velvet Lining, Cuff Buckle Closure, 45-Degree Power Strap and Laces, Stainless Steel Blade, Reinforced Toe, Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 535936, Model Number: 0G144500 T1A 12J, GTIN: 0888341589206