Bladerunner Zephyr Womens Figure Ice Skates

Bladerunner  Zephyr Womens Figure Ice Skates

Bladerunner Zephyr is a very reliable pair of ice skates that also have the technical functions of an ice skate that is wanted by all different skill levels for recreational skaters. The sleek design and supportive structure of the lightweight articulated upper will provide you with the support needed each time that you step out onto the ice. The Thinsulate and padded velvet lining provides the warmth needed while the cuff buckle and lace closure provides you with the custom fit like no other. Comfort, convenience and style put together to make this pair of Zephyr ice skates a must have for the beginner skater to the more advanced. Lightweight, Articulated Upper, Padded Velvet with Thinsulate Lining, Cuff Buckle and Lace Closure, Stainless Steel Blade, Skill Range: Beginner - Advanced Intermediate, Model Year: 2019, Product ID: 500920, Model Number: 0G301100 9Z5 6, GTIN: 0888341484990