Campagnolo  Bullet Ultra 50 Clincher Wheelset - Campagnolo - Dark Label

Campagnolo Bullet Ultra wheels offer all the benefits of a carbon wheelset, with all the braking ability of an alloy rim. While the 50mm carbon fairing vastly boosts wheel stiffness, durability, and aerodynamics, the alloy braking track improves durability and wet weather braking. All this performance is packed into a wheelset that weighs just 1755 grams. These rims are fittingly paired with a set of lightweight, high flange alloy hubs. Equipped with a cup-and-cone bearing system and filled with CULT ceramic bearings, not only do these hubs provide an incredibly smooth spin, but they also provide lasting durability too. To maximize torsional stiffness, these hubs are laced to the rim via the G3 spoke pattern, which uses twice as many spokes on the drive side as the non-drive side. Indeed,…