Campagnolo Chorus 11 Speed Ultra-Link Chain

Campagnolo  Chorus 11 Speed Ultra-Link Chain

Campagnolo Chorus Bicycle Chain - 11 speed This Campagnolo chain will fit right in with your 11 speed system, and performs smooth too. Campagnolo have invested time and resource into making sure that this chain runs and shifts silently and efficiently. With the heritage behind the brand and the classic styling, the Campagnolo Chorus is a bicycle chain you can't go wrong with. - T.H Specifications: Ultra-Link locking system (joining pin included). Solid pins. The Chorus 11 chain requires the use of a Campagnolo UT-CN300 chain tool for installation. Ni-PTFE treatment increases the chain's service life. Special steel links reduce the wear on gears and sprockets. Compatible with all Campagnolo 11-speed systems. Weight: 258g (PBK Office scales).