CycleOps  M2 Turbo Trainer

YOUR PASSPORT TO SMARTER TRAINING Features: PowerTuned using PowerTap technology for up to +/- 5% accurate power readings. Controlled, electromagnetic resistance provides a precise workout every time. Seamlessly connects to virtual training apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth standards. Integrated cadence, speed and power data - no external sensors needed. Zwift certified. Whether you want to attend a group ride in Zwift, climb the Dolomites in Rouvy or simply need a sweat session, the M2 smart trainer can get you there. All you need is your bike, the M2, your favorite virtual training software and device of choice. This do-it-all, smart bike trainer is capable of replicating any workout thrown its way, up to 1500 watts and a 15% climbing grade. Simply connect to your virtual training application of choice via integrated dual-band ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth, and let the M2's electromagnetic response system do the rest. And thanks to integrated speed, cadence and power data, you can track and record performance data without extra external sensors. Plus, our innovative clutch knob ensures perfect tire-to roller connection for every single ride.