Fulcrum  E-Fire 3 27.5 6 Bolt Boost Wheelset

Designed to withstand the demands of gravity racing combined with the needs of long climbs and enhanced to complement the power of electronic assist mountain bikes, the E- Fire range from Fulcrum represents the benchmark for reliability, durability and power transfer specifically for the breakthrough e-bike market. The E Fire 3 27.5 provides the reduced weight, increased technical ability and better off the line acceleration that 27.5 wheels bring. In addition, they feature a differentiated rim height with a welded joint rim and self-locking nipples. Tubeless ready and built to last, you can truly take advantage of your enhanced power. Features: DIFFERENTIATED PROFILE DELTA 5 MM In a mountain bike the front and the rear parts have different and complementary functions. The front part is the one that most affects riding and receives side shocks. The rear part, on the other hand, supports most of the weight. Even more on a bike with a motor considering its position, and it is responsible for traction. From this reflection, it was decided to create two different profiles: the front one is higher (23mm) and more rigid, whereas the rear one is lower (18mm) and reinforced, to dissipate better shocks with the ground. REINFORCED DISC FLANGE 5% MORE RIGID A lot of speed and increased weight obviously affect the braking system just before approaching a bend. The disc flange becomes a fundamental part because it is the interface between the disc, where the callipers grip, and hub, which transfers to the rim the braking force. The new flange is thicker compared to the previous one. It is also 5% more rigid to ensure a robust support when braking. IN-FRAME 12% MORE RIGID The wheels are the contact element with the ground, where the shocks from the ground first discharge. The wheel-tyre system, in this respect, must guarantee stability during repeated stress. It was decided to develop an internal support architecture, a bridge insert positioned diagonally, so that it can counter the front shocks. By leveraging the structure geometry, the load is distributed on the whole rim, preventing thus excessive compression. The maximum result with the minimum weight load: this detail allowed a 10% side rigidity increase and a 14% increase on the vertical one, changing thus drastically the overall performance. SPECIFIC NIPPLE AND NIPPLE HOUSING 7% MORE RELIABLE Such a small part, yet so important. The nipples and their housing are one of the most important element that are taken into account during the design of a wheel. Thanks to a special housing, with side guides on both sides, the nipple sets on a stable base, perfectly in position, oriented towards the spoke. This makes it possible to make the distribution of the tensions in the rim more even, creating thus perceptible benefits in terms of effort and rigidity: this prevents misalignments under stress and, as a consequence, deformation to the structure. REINFORCED CASSETTE 4X MORE RELIABLE The drastic increase of power and jerks, due to the intervention of the motor, made it necessary to use a freewheel body with tempered steel dedicated gears, which are able to withstand a breaking tension by 30% greater. The laboratory analysis observed the behaviour of the individual ratchets on cycles greater than one billion of uses: the carburised steel ensures an estimated lifetime that is 4 times longer compared to the Ergal model used for the non-E-Mtb models. REINFORCED HEAD SPOKES 13% MORE RESISTANT For the new E-Mtb Fulcrum range, only oversize spokes, with a specific reinforcement design on the heads, will be used: this makes it possible to have the best quality of response to stress both in terms of resistance and in terms of transfer of the propulsive power.