Fulcrum  Racing Speed 55C C17 Clincher Wheelset - Campagnolo

The new Speed 55C has a deep profile, one that offers not only extreme aerodynamic advantages but also a larger rotating mass capable of maintaining the high speeds of flatter races, time trials and triathlon cycling legs. Despite their deep profile seemingly adept at flatter terrains the 1470gr weight for the pair make the 55C a viable solution even for courses involving a great deal of climbing. The 17C internal width makes these wheels perfect for 25 and 28mm tires, for surefooted high speed descents and cornering. New Carbon Rim New fibres and orientations have been implemented to push the limits of the SPEED family even further. While the new "longitudinal twill" design of the fibers offer a fresh and new look, the aesthetics advantages come about as a convenient by-product of engineering a stronger yet more elastic complete final structure. The result is a resistant and reactive rim that is also capable of absorbing road vibration, thus keeping the rider fresher and better connected to the road. To keep the look consistent this new and advanced carbon layup finds itself implemented into the construction of the front hub as well. AC3 Brake Surface In addition to keeping the SPEED family wheels moving forward, a great deal of research and development has gone into slowing them down. A fast wheel is only as good as the control it offers to the rider and the all-new AC3, or ALL CONDITIONS CARBON CONTROL, brake track technology incorporated into the 40C and 55C offers unprecedented braking performance.The new technology incorporates laser treatment upon the brake track, eliminating all traces of resin, and allowing pads to brake on a more surefooted and planar carbon surface. While braking performance improves across the board, in wet conditions the AC3 excels with stopping distances more than 30% shorter when compared to previous versions. Specifications: Tyre Type: Clincher Tyre Size: 28" Discipline: Road/Triathlon Weight: 1470 g Rim material: Carbon Rim material details: Full carbon, Twill - carbon fiber finishing Profile height: High Rim height: Front and rear 55 mm Rim width: 24,2 mm Inner rim width (channel): ETRTO 17C Tyre Width: From 25 mm to 50 mm Braking system: Caliper Braking surface: Twill carbon fiber braking surface, AC3™ Treatment Front axle compatibility: QR Rear Axle compatibilty: QR Front wheel spokes: 18, Left 9 - Right 9 Rear wheel spokes: 21, Two to one™, Left 7 - Right 14 Spokes: material Stainless steel, double butted Spokes: profile technology Aero, straight pull Nipples: Aluminum Front Hub: Carbon, Aluminum flanges Rear Hub: Aluminum, Aluminum oversize flange Bearings: USB™ ceramic; Adj. Cup & Cones bearing system Others: Plasma treated HG freewheel; Aluminum Axle Weight limit (cyclist): 109 kg FWB Version: HG11, CAMPY