Fulcrum  Racing Zero C17 Carbon Wheelset - Dark Logo - Shimano

Building on the previous iteration of the Racing Zero, the Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 carbon wheelset offers everything you'd want from a set performance carbon wheels - they're lightweight, stiff and durable. Using a full carbon-fibre twill rim, this wheelset weighs just 1340 grams per pair, making them extremely responsive and fast on climbs. In this latest version, Fulcrum has widened the rim width to 24.5mm, meaning that riders can use larger tyres to improve comfort, grip and speed out on the road. Thanks, to the AC3 treated brake track, these wheels also offer a tremendous improvement in wet-weather braking performance - essential for high-speed, intense racing in unpredictable weather conditions. Although these wheels are undoubtedly light, they are also undeniably stiff. While both…