Fulcrum  Racing Zero C17 Competizione Clincher/Tubeless Wheelset - Shimano

The Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 Competizione offers the same lightweight and stiffness commonly found on carbon wheels, but with the added durability and strength of an alloy rim. Weighing just 1475 grams, this wheelset provides a genuinely responsive ride feel right from the start line. However, this hasn't come at the cost of strength, thanks to the triple-milled rim construction. With a wider 22.5mm rim, the rider can seat much wider tires for added comfort, speed and grip out on the road. This rim is also two-way-fit, meaning these wheels accept tubeless tires if you need extra peace of mind. At the center of this wheelset lies the lightweight carbon quick release hubs, which are filled CULT ceramic bearings to ensure this wheelset spins smoothly, season after season. Additionally, thanks…