Fulcrum  Racing Zero C19 Tubeless Disc Brake Wheelset - 6 Bolt - Shimano

Creating a disc brake version of the legendary Fulcrum Racing Zero was never going to be easy. It had to be something special; it had to retain the responsiveness, balance and comfort that the Zero range is famous for. Introducing the Zero DB. The ride experience is the same - equally exhilarating and now with the added advantage of superior braking in all conditions. Not to mention that disc brakes drastically extend rim life. Fulcrum have succeeded in their goal: the gold standard aluminium disc brake wheel is now available. Features: 1590g weight - light and reactive wheels that spin up quickly 2-Way-Fit (clincher and tubeless) - run it tubeless or with tubes Momag rim system - traditional spoke nipples with undrilled rims Two-To-One spoke ratios - optimised strength and minimal weight…