JP  AnglAIR SE Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard 11-0

The AnglAIR is a dedicated fishing specialist new in the 2018 JP line. Full of specialized features like Scotty mounts, bungee tie downs, stake out loops, kick-up fin and most importantly a super wide and stable platform for a relaxed day on the water. The AnglAIR features a bungee rope on the nose and on the tail, plus a paddle holder and two Scotty mounts on the tail. The 3 pre-laminated composite layers consist of 2 airtight PVC sheets bonded to a Polyester 1000D fabric to create one super strong shell. This shell is then machine laminated directly onto the 500D Polyester Drop Stitch fabric. The pre-lamination and the composite structure give you an unmatched weight/stiffness/durability ratio for inflatable SUPs.