K2  Indy Kids Skis with Marker Fastrak2 4.5 Bindings

The K2 Indy makes a perfect ski for any junior skier that is just learning the ropes, or one that has the ability to slide and skid their way down a blue square. Made with K2's Catch Free Rocker the Indy has rocker in the tip, camber underfoot and a slight amount of rocker in the tail that makes pushing out a snowplow easier, or if they can parallel turn the Indy will initiate a turn easier. The rocker in the tail makes the ski easier to skid turns that will allow them to control their speed with less effort. To increase the forgiveness of the ski, the Indy has a Composite Core and a Cap Construction that is designed for lighter weight skiers to bend and flex the ski when and how they want it to. If you have a little skier that is eager to improve, the K2 Indy will be a perfect ski for them. Catch Free Rocker, Cap Construction, Forgiving Composite Core, Sizes 76-112cm Accommodates Boot Soles 200-288mm, Sizes 124-136cm Accommodates Boot Soles 245-333mm, Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 96/70/86 (@124cm), Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 8.5m (@112cm), Warranty: One Year, Type: Frontside Skis (