POC Artic SL Spin Helmet 2020

POC  Artic SL Spin Helmet 2020

The new POC Artic SL Spin is a great race helmet for the rec league racer who does not require a FIS regulated helmet. The Artic SL Spin is made with POC's new Spin Construction that has internal shearling pads that reduce impact when you take an oblique impact. The Shearling Pads move to absorb impact rather than transfer them onto your brain. The Maxilla Break-Away Chin Guard can be fixed or set to break away depending on the amount of force applied. Top and Front Sliders allow you to regulate the amount of air flow into the Artic SL to regulate your temperature so you do not over heat as you wait your turn in the start house. New Spin Construction, Maxilla Break-Away Chin Guard Included, VPD Inserts in the Rear of the Helmet, Multi-Impact EPP Liner, ABS Shell, Adjustable Ventilation with Front and Top Sliders, Detachable Goggle Clip,