PowerTap  P2 Power Meter

The Power Tap P2 power meter is a power meter that allows you to train with maximum intensity and perform with race-winning confidence. With each pedal measuring the power output of each leg to an accuracy of +/-1.5%, this power meter offers maximum insight into your performance. When paired with the dedicated companion app, you can access even more advanced pedalling metrics data to refine your training plan. Thanks to the weather-resistant design, you can train with this power meter year-round. Building on the P1 pedals, this power meter now offers a 20% improvement in battery life and now weighs a meagre 398 grams. These pedals fit onto your bike just like any other and can easily be swapped between bikes using an Allen key, without needing to be recalibrated. Once fitted, simply pair the power meter with your Bluetooth or ANT+ devices, and ride off into the sunset. 398 grams per pair of pedals (with batteries) Accurate to +/-1.5% 9/16 thread 3-bolt cleat interface PowerTap Cleats, available in 6-degree or 0-degree float Adjustable elastomer spring cleat Proven PowerTap Accuracy 14mm stack height Centre of Pedal: 53mm Lean Angle: 25.5 degrees ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible 80-hour battery life No rider weight limit Includes one set of PowerTap P2 power pedals, pair of red 6-degree float cleats, pair of AAA lithium batteries Only use lithium batteries with the P2 pedals. Alkaline batteries could damage the pedals, and damage caused by batteries is not covered under warranty.