Riedell Torch Womens Derby Roller Skates

Riedell  Torch Womens Derby Roller Skates

The 495 Riedell Torch Derby Skate returns with improved design that is meant to push the boundaries further of what a skate should do for a demanding derby athlete. Featuring a more perfect fit through a 495 boot that provides instant response and agility, and more comfort through a premium leather lining treated for moisture-resistance and an Ankle Closure System that secures your foot in place. Powered with Radar Halo wheels that were constructed by breakthrough technologies you get the ultimate grip, roll and edge. The all new Jupiter toe stops allow the Torch to stop quickly and maneuver in tight spaces, while the core of the Riedell Torch, the Reactor Neo Aluminum plates transfer your power efficiently at all times. The 495 Torch offers more performance through an efficient skate design meant to keep you focused on the track. PowerDyne Reactor Neo Aluminum, Full grain leather 495 boots , Chinook leather lining, ACS Ankle Closure System, Heat moldable outside quarter right boot, and stitched and cemented outsoles., KwiK Zenith, Radar Halo 93A Wheels, Jupiter Toe stop, Lining Material: Chinook leather lining, Wheel Configuration: 62mm/62mm - 62mm/62mm, Wheel Durometer: 93A, Bearing Type: Kwik Zenith, Toe Stop: Jupiter, Wheel Size: 62mm, Wheel Height: 62mm, Wheel: Riedell Radar Halo 93A, Plate Material: Aluminum, Wheel Width: Regular (35-40mm)