SRAM  Red 1 x D1 Quarq Road DUB Power Meter - 165cm - 50T Aero

In certain disciplines, the single-ring drivetrain reigns supreme. Championing simplicity, strength and durability, the SRAM RED 1 AXS™ power meter meets the demands of triathletes, time trialists and cyclocross racers. The power meter features improved aerodynamics thanks to direct mount aero chainrings with fully integrated power, and the tighter gearing range is perfect for racing and flatter terrains. Features: Single-ring drivetrain simplifies functionality 48 and 50t variants have fully integrated power into a direct mount aero chainring 36-46t variants have spider-based power Chainrings can be easily changed without requiring recalibration of the power meter Power readings are accurate within +/-1.5% and aren't affected by climate conditions during a ride Power balance measures…