Token  C50 Zenith Carbon Clincher Wheelset - Campagnolo

The special edition of the renowned C50 carbon clincher wheels, that we like to call C50 BBR, is the only wheelset you need. It is a mid-height and -weight, high-performance wheelset that great looks both during the day and at night due to unique decals. When you ride in a wide variety places, you need a wheel that will be able to excel in all conditions and the C50 BBR can do that. It has a 50 mm aerodynamic profile that gives you extra speed on flat roads but the shape means it's easily controllable even when it gets a windy. The rims measure 24 mm wide and this allows you to run wide tyres so you've got lower rolling resistance, a more comfortable ride and lots of grip; you'll appreciate the extra grip when the weather gets bad or you're descending or cornering. To put your mind even…