Token  C55A Resolute Carbon/Alloy Clincher Wheelset - Shimano

The C55A wheelset is a great set of wheels for use in mixed conditions - be it a triathlon, road race or a ride on your favourite route. At 55 mm deep and with an aero profile these wheels will have you speeding along like a greased horse in a vacuum. The shape of the rims allows you to slice through the wind and when there is a crosswind the shape also keeps things stable. We have tuned these wheels absorb more road buzz resulting in a slightly more comfortable ride than straight up carbon wheels. This also means that you can ride longer and faster, while experiencing less fatigue. Sure, you won't see a lot of pro riders using full carbon wheels, but there are a couple of very good reasons to use carbon-alloy wheels. The first is that in wet conditions, an alloy surface offers much better…