Token  Ventous Zenith Carbon Tubeless Ready Wheelset - Shimano

The Token Ventous Zenith is a lightweight, durable tubeless-ready carbon wheelset that cuts through the air with race-winning precision. Thanks to the 36mm rim height, this wheelset offers both aerodynamic gains on flatter courses and a total system weight of just 1342 grams. Perfect for undulating terrain. With a broader, tubeless-ready rim design, riders can run bigger, more puncture-resistant tyres for a faster and more comfortable ride. Thanks to a new carbon brake pad compound and conti-fibre rim structure, braking performance has also been significantly improved. At the centre of these wheels lie the performance Z1 hub set. With an anodised shell, and TFT ceramic and steel bearing system, these wheels offer lasting durability, season after season. These hubs are laced to the rim via…