Verve Cycling  InfoCrank Powermeter Crankset - 110BCD/170mm - M30

InfoCrank is our power meter of choice because when you're competing against the best in the world you cannot leave anything to chance. - Iain Dyer from British Cycling InfoCrank believes in measuring direct Left and Right because power is the key metric to improving your cycling. When cycling with a power meter that is accurate, you get more of the right data so that you can solve imbalances and make real gains. InfoCrank is a new generation of cycling power meters. Designed by Verve Cycling, the InfoCrank bike crankset sets new standards of accuracy, usability, and robustness. And because its built for the road cyclist, the bike parts are not just guaranteed for the lifetime of one bike, but of all the road bikes you will own. InfoCrank's power-meter functionality is integrated into the bike crankset, the hard point of every bike. Cycling power is measured at the stiffest area of the transmission, closest to the input. The bike cranks short, direct load path excludes power that is lost through pedal spindle flexure and the bike crank junction. This assures accurate measurement of true cycling input power. The bike crankset design is fully achieved, from sketch to solid. Its not a hack or an add-on. The mechanisms that give it full bilateral cycling power measurement are out of sight. From design to integration, InfoCrank looks and performs like a handsome top-end bike crankset. The crank arms are top-grade forgings designed expressly for a pure load path from the pedals to the bottom bracket. Each crank arm has a precision-cut recess on each face to house the cycling power meter module (inner face) and its battery/electronics pack (outer face). You have to look closely to even see there's a flush cover on the outside. InfoCranks cycling power measurement modules, running at a high sampling rate, produce a clean, accurate, and dependable data stream from each bike crank arm thats transmitted via the industry-standard ANT+ wireless protocol to a head unit of your choice. You get an accurate, real-time display of the cycling power produced by each leg. Riding InfoCrank, you have the essential foundation for improving your cycling training and bike performance.What power is going in? That's what moves the bike forward. Heart rate, speed, cadence, time, distance-all outputs. To get results from your cycling training, you need to know input power. That's the info you need, and that's what the InfoCrank cycling power meter measures like no other. Improve your bike performance with accurate torque and cadence measurements in both left and right legs. Weatherproof You need a power meter for your bike that works every day, no matter where the adventure may take you. InfoCrank is IPX7 rated, meaning you could ride it submerged in a stream without any water ingress issues. You'll get a perfect stream of data in all sorts of crazy conditions. Temperature steady Temperature affects strain gauges and messes with the readings. Other spider, hub or crank based power meters use algorithms to compensate for these errors. But InfoCrank was built specifically to eliminate problems without relying on complex calculations. Every data point from InfoCrank is completely accurate and true, making it the best power meter for a road bike. Super durable Cycling pushes us to our limits, and we need our tools to go the distance with us. InfoCrank has all its electronics protected inside a high-grade alloy crankset, making training with a power meter a breeze. What's different about InfoCrank? It just works. Only every time. Scroll down this page to read our cycling power meter reviews. Certified accurate InfoCrank is the most accurate cycling watt meter. But you've heard that from every other bicycle power meter on the market, right? +/- 1% or +/- 2% doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a bit deeper than that. Unlike any other power meter, we have proven our accuracy through external certification to validate our claims. And, because InfoCrank doesn't drift, it's always as accurate as promised. On any bike Power meter cycling training will be seamless with an InfoCrank. In fact, there is no difference between the watts measured on one set of InfoCranks and another*. If you switch the InfoCrank between bikes, or you have one on each bike, the watts measured on both are the same watts. Accurate for the whole ride, every day. No data drift Accuracy claims don't usually take into consideration drift over time when cycle training with a power meter. Drift is when the power meter data is inaccurate due to temperature changes affecting the strain gauges. It can happen in one day, or over the course of a week or month. Power meters usually resolve this issue by re-zeroing before a ride, but that just indicates that the accuracy of your last ride had drifted. It was no longer accurate as claimed. Our new cycling power meters resolve drift by design and require no re-zeroing to keep the data accurate. Enviromental Ingress protection level IPX7, resists up to 1m immersion Operating humidity 0-100% Chemical resistance Resists typical lubricants and bike cleaning chemicals Battery operating,temperature 0 - 60° Celsius Mechanical Certifications Certified to market specific standards Maintenance User serviceable parts:,bottom brackets, chainrings, seals, batteries, and power module housing,spares System Battery User replaceable, SR44 (Silver Oxide), 303 or 357 Battery life Over 500 hrs,(operational) Start-up time Data processing Wireless communications ANT+ Protocol Wireless range 2m Power range 0 - 3000 Watts Cadence range 10 - 200RPM Accuracy Cadence ±1 rpm Torque ±0.2 Nm accuracy for measurements below 20 Nm, and ±1% of actual readings for measurements above 20 Nm Power ± 0.37% error (99.63%,accurate) for 20 - 100kg loads. Download Accuracy Certification here. Product Power meter metrics Individual Left / Right Power Balance Total Power L/R Pedal Smoothness L/R Torque Effectiveness Cadence and more ANT+ metric